Pukeberg 2012

By Steppot on
'It was never the objective to make a font that really could be used, but one that would rather showcase the diversity of people and creative skills…'

What do you get when you put 50 different creators from different background together to assemble a typeface?

During 2012 I held a speech and a corresponding workshop at the Linnaeus University's Advertising and Design program with the interest in finding different creators perspectives on single letterforms. Each individual got the task to design and develop a letter by hand, in which later got vecorized and put together into a typeface. Each letter speaks for itself and is made to inspire and give inputs no matter the creative field.

'…this is a font designed to improve future minds!'

04_P_X_Q_Pukeberg 06_moving_pukeberg03_The_Quick_Brown109_Framed_Posters10_Framed_Posters-copy