By Steppot on
The 'drink coffee accompanied by something sweet' typeface.

The main inspiration for the Fika typeface came from coffee drinking, the most characteristic glyphs are based on the handle in which you place your hand to hold the cup. Mainly seen in the a, b, d, g, q, p, 6 and 9 with their strong contrast between rounded and straight shapes. Geometrically developed due to the shape of the cup seen from above.

The friendly, geometric and contemporary typeface Fika wants to be seen. Can be used both in headlines and reading texts, as well as in print and digital.

01_Fika_big_Start00_Fika_Quote_Start 03_Bold1 04_Alphabet_Bold_Dryck 04_Alphabet_Bold_Record 04_Alphabet_Bol_1 04_Alphabet_Bold_Glyphs03_Regular1 04_Alphabet_Names 04_Alphabet_text 04_Alphabet_numbers 04_Alphabet_Reg_1 04_Alphabet_glyphs1 06_Poster_Stadning07_Booklet_1 07_Booklet0