Bree Magalog

By Steppot on
Lookbooks for fashion accessories brand Bree. During the year 2013 Bree wanted to re define their position and look due to claim younger audience. The normal lookbook became a Magalog – a direct combination of magazine and catalogue. A media that could open conversations with the customer in which the brand uses a more personal tone of voice. This all was wrapped in a 'less is more' package with nordic influences.

Developed at Ligalux.

00_COVERone 02_Color_Bree_Magalog 01_Magalog1 03_Magalog_Spead1 04_Magalog_Spead1 05_Magalog_Spead2 06_Magalog_Spead3 07_Magalog1 09_Magalog_Spead1 10_Magalog_Spead2