By Steppot on
New name, identity and homepage for the young highly talented fashion label curated by Anke Steinbach.

The brandmark is based on a wordplay in which the label 'an-ste' is assembled by combining the creators name to give a more direct and a easier-to-remember label name. Designed based on the way clothing is manufactured. From pieces of textile into a rare piece of clothing, it is in the way it is combined that it becomes a visual appealing work of art. Put together the brandmark reads the name, alone it's just a single elements.

01_aa_logotype01_aa_logo_lines14_element_an-ste_logo 03_Tag_Hanging12_Homepage112_Homepage_All_Gif12_Homepage_Gif 04_Overviews02_Tag_Hanging05_Posters01_An-ste-taggen13_skiss